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  • Logic/Lil Wayne/A$AP Ferg《Perfect (Remix)》[MP3-320K/6.8M]

    歌词信息 jason   2023-08-04  
    Logic/Juicy J:
    B***h I did it I made it I'm loved and I'm hated
    碧池 我做到了 我成功了 我被人爱 我被人恨
    I started from the bottom now my neighborhood is gated
    我白手起家 现在我住在豪华社区里
    They say "Drink to your accomplishments" so every night I'm faded
    他们说 为你的成就干杯 于是我每天晚上都醉醺醺的
    Feel like every other day me and somebody new related
    感觉每一天 我都会有新亲戚
    You're my sister cousin brother from the other side
    你是我的远房姐妹 表亲 兄弟吗
    The other side
    Well I don't know who told you that
    My mama
    Well she f**king lied
    Ayy wake up wake up get your cake up
    醒一醒 醒一醒 把你收获的一切
    Cut it up like it's c*****e shake up
    All the streets with all these beats
    I body beats I'm not discreet
    我的身体在跳动 我不是个谨慎的人
    This is how I feel on the inside
    All you non-talent rappin' motherf**kers better run and hide
    你们这些没天赋的说唱歌手最好赶紧逃跑 躲起来
    You worthless you have no purpose f**kin' imposter
    你们一点用都没有 你们没有目标 就是可恶的骗子
    You gots to get it through your head
    你得动动自己的脑子 去得到想要的一切
    You won't never get no handout
    F**kin' with your a*s it'd be like throwing a band out
    你得自己行动起来 拿出你全部的实力
    My flow increased my dough increased
    我的音乐越来越好 我的财富越来越多
    You know I leave them all deceased
    你知道 我会让他们都无力回天
    I am a f**king beast I'm from the East
    我就是个野兽 我来自东部
    I keep the peace don't need a piece
    我维护和平 不需要项链
    But I keep a piece got it capisce
    但我带着武器 你明白吗
    That boy gon' eat this is a feast
    那小子得吃饭 这就是一场盛宴
    Once I release I'm smokin' trees
    一旦我发新歌 我就要抽点那种东西
    I bought my s**t I don't need no lease
    我的东西都是买的 我不需要租来的
    So f**k you up like Master P
    所以去你的吧 就像Master P
    This s**t right here a masterpiece
    I'm comin' in hot like the police shooting my shot like the police
    我风风火火地到来 就像警察一样 像警察一样开枪射击
    All on the block like the police man who gon'
    就像警察一样在街头游走 谁能
    Stop stop
    阻止 阻止
    The police from leaving bodies in the motherf**kin' streets man
    A$AP Ferg:
    Ooh-ooh ahh
    Man f**k the police when they come to my peeps
    哥们 当警察来找我的朋友 对他们不屑一顾
    He put the hole in his cheek
    Gold on my teeth and my pockets obese
    我戴着金牙套 我的口袋里塞满钞票
    Like I got the get money disease
    I want my B's I got more with the heat
    我想要钞票 我拥有更多的热情
    When I speak I put rappers to sleep
    当我开口说话 我让说唱歌手昏昏欲睡
    When I get geeked I go black on the beat
    当我兴奋不已 我疯狂地玩着音乐
    And I'm peeling them off of my cleats
    Don't stand in my way hope you offended today okay
    不要挡我的道 今天希望你气急败坏 好吧
    I got some Hannibal ways and I treat 'em like dinner today no way
    我就像Hannibal一样 今天我把他们当做晚餐 没门
    I get to feeling the bass
    And I'm saying my grace and I f**k around bite off your face
    我虔诚祷告 我胡作非为 咬伤你的脸
    Glock is not tucked on the waist
    I just spit a sixteen and watch everyone duck in the place
    我只是发射出十六发子弹 看着大家四处躲藏
    Perfect got a bad b***h that's perfect
    完美 无可挑剔的辣妹陪在我身边
    Just bought a new crib that's perfect
    刚刚买下一栋新房子 真是完美
    VVS in my JID that's perfect
    项链上镶着纯净无瑕的钻石 真是完美
    Got a billion streams that's perfect
    拥有十亿播放量 真是完美
    And a couple billboards I'm perfect
    拿下几座公告牌奖 我完美无缺
    See clowns in the game circus
    看着这圈子里的小丑 就像马戏团一样
    Red dot all I know is I murk 'em burn 'em
    红点瞄准 我所知道的就是我把他们干掉
    Washing 'em all detergent
    将他们清洗干净 就像洗涤剂一样
    Me and Nicki got a couple bitties twerking
    我和Nicki一起摇摆 尽情热舞
    Got a condo in the city full of Persians
    And we got a tour bus full of virgins
    Swervin Murci' hit the curb and
    驾车狂飙 兰博基尼撞到路边
    Why you dumb rappers ain't learning
    Make it look good but ain't earning
    徒有华丽的外表 但是赚不到一分钱
    All of your jewelry turning
    I'm starting to get too concerning
    I burnt up the track like a furnace
    我展现惊人实力 就像火炉一样
    Been floating so long I'm a star in the sky
    长久以来 四处漂泊 我是天空里的一颗星星
    And I start to forget what the Earth is
    Lil Wayne:
    Uh I quarantine with a foreign ting
    Gucci sweats with the drawstrings eating X like soybeans
    古驰的运动衣带着细绳 吃着药片 就像是吃豆子一样
    Smiling like I'm Paul Wall sipping all this Pauline
    展露笑容 就像是我Paul Wall一样 将美酒一饮而尽
    She got a body like an RR I sleep inside it like a RV
    她身姿婀娜 如劳斯莱斯一般迷人 我在她怀里酣睡 就像睡在房车里一样
    Gimme Adderall gimme perc f**k it I'm still on full alert
    给我一些药片 该死 我依然保持警惕
    I eat every p***y on Earth and still have room for dessert
    我与地球上每一个女孩纵享欢愉 依然还有兴趣品尝甜点
    I got p**n stars on call I got Warhol on the wall
    那些性感火辣的女星随叫随到 我墙上挂着Warhol的画
    Point a sawed-off at your skull
    Skull all on the wall
    Catch your guard dog off guard
    Get too f**king high never fall hard
    嗨到不能自已 绝不会一落千丈
    Cut the lights off in the RR
    She look out the roof and see the Star Wars
    她探出身子往外看 看到《星球大战》里的场面
    And these diamonds got no flaws
    That's flawless all wins no losses
    真是完美无瑕 大获全胜 没有损失
    Perfecto that's foreign Tunechi de nada
    完美 我开着进口跑车驰骋


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